Tell Them From Me® - Survey Bundle

Tell Them From Me® - Survey Bundle

Tell Them From Me® "TTFM" is a powerful all-in-one solution for measuring and understanding factors that are known to have a direct and profound impact on student learning and well-being.  By using TTFM, you can assess the whole view of your school's climate by weaving together the perspectives of students, parents, and teachers and distilling that data into critical metrics to focus your planning on. With anonymous surveys covering bullying and school safety, student engagement, student career aspirations, as well as teacher and parent perspectives, educators get a comprehensive roadmap to improving students’ achievement, well-being, graduation rates, and engagement.


Each license allows you to use any TTFM® survey up to two times during the 12 month subscription period with up to 2500 participants.


  • Details

    There are five Surveys that make up the TELL THEM FROM ME "TTFM"  Survey Suite:

    • Bullying and School Safety Student Survey: Identify student perceptions of bullying and take steps to reduce bullying behaviour and build a safe and inclusive school culture. The Bullying and School Safety Survey is designed to help you design proactive bullying interventions specific to your school. Measure and understand where and when bullying happens, and how and why it happens in your school. The TTFM Bullying and School Safety Survey reveals the story of bullying behaviour in your school and equips you with the data needed to make informed decisions and to develop targeted interventions.

    • Student Engagement Survey: Measure and understand student sense of belonging, student perceptions of teaching and learning, sense of engagement, and other factors known to affect learning outcomes. The Engagement Survey measures areas like social-emotional learning, physical health and well-being, student engagement, and other outcomes related to academic success. More than just an assessment tool, it gives educators and school leaders evidence of their impact. This means you have the best possible information about where to go next in both the teaching process and in school improvement planning.

    • Career Pathways Student Survey: Identify the support and instruction students need to explore future careers and gain vocational experience. The Career Pathways Survey helps you measure and understand student career aspirations and career preparation. By finding out if students are ready for life after graduation, the survey helps you make informed decisions about the support and instruction that students need for success after graduation. The survey covers topics including student aspirations after graduation; their level of commitment to a particular job; the extent of students' exploration into career options; and the perceived importance of specific skills.

    • Parent Survey: Engage parents and guardians while gathering actionable insights about your school community and student’s lives away from school to maximize student learning at home. Parental involvement is a known factor to increase positive learning outcomes and a critical part of building a healthy school culture where students can thrive. The Parent Survey helps strengthen the relationships between school staff and parents, giving school leaders insight into parents’ perceptions of the school's support for learning, positive behaviours, and the promotion of safety and inclusion. The Parent Survey ensures that educators and school leaders have evidence of their impact as perceived by parents and guardians. The survey covers topics such as if parents feel welcome, how information is shared, and perceptions of inclusivity, bullying and school safety.

    • Teacher Survey: Gather non-evaluative teacher feedback to guide professional development, increase teacher collaboration, and understand teachers' perceptions of your school culture. The Teacher Survey is used by thousands of administrators and school leaders every year to gather meaningful feedback from teachers and covers the most important drivers of student learning to help educators give every student the opportunity to thrive. Since teachers are such vital members of a school community, collecting feedback that leads to actionable insight is a crucial step in building a healthy school community where all students can succeed. The survey covers teachers' perceptions of areas like leadership, collaboration, teaching strategies, and inclusivity. The Teacher Survey is anonymous, protecting teacher privacy and ensuring the most accurate and authentic survey responses.

  • Features

    • Our TELL THEM FROM ME "TTFM" Student Surveys offer the largest normed dataset of student perception data in the world. National and local norms offer a benchmark for growth and comparison. Knowing where your data sits in the bigger picture allows you to really see which areas you can celebrate, and which areas you can target for improvement.

    • Privacy: The TTFM Student Engagement Survey is 100% anonymous to protect student privacy and ensure that students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts on a variety of topics.

    • Customize: Ability to add multiple choice and open-ended questions in order to customize the survey to meet the needs of your school.

    • Replica School: Many administrators have told us that they wish they could compare their data with a school made up of students with similar socio-economic backgrounds as their own. The unique Replica School feature provides such a comparison, making it possible to fairly compare results with a virtual school that has the same student composition as yours.

    • Interactive Charts: Our dynamic charts allow busy administrators to segment data by sub-populations like grade, gender, language spoken at home, or your own criteria.

    • One-Click Report: Our easy to read one-click reports give an overview of each measure in a single report. This dynamically generated PDF report ensures that you are only ever ‘one click away’ from up-to-date, accurate information on what’s going on in your school. A quick glance at each measure makes it easy to spot patterns or anomalies.

    • Thematic Reports: Our thematic report is designed with sharing in mind. You can easily share your results with stakeholders in your school community. These reports highlight the unique story your data is telling in an easy to read, accessible package.
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    ​Information Integrity

    ​Information is comprised of both quantitative (meaning responses that are measurable by empirical means) and qualitative elements (meaning responses that are expressed by Subjects in sentences and phrases, such as those made to open-ended Survey Questions). The Customer acknowledges that the Information is generated as a result of responses by Subjects to the Survey Questions. TLB is not responsible for the Information inputted to the Websites and does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, quality or substance of the inputted Information.

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