Tell Them From Me® (TTFM) is a suite of surveys for measuring student engagement and wellbeing. The surveys can be used to capture student, parent and teacher voices, providing reliable evidence for schools to use in identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

The TTFM Parent Survey helps to clarify and strengthen the important relationship between parents and schools. Insights into parent and staff communication, activities and practices at home, and parental opinions build an accurate and timely picture schools can use for practical improvements. The survey is anonymous, voluntary, and easy-to-use. It is based on a comprehensive questionnaire covering several aspects of the parents’ perceptions of their child’s experiences at home and school. The survey collects information on the following topics:

TTFM - Parent.jpg

Parents Feel Welcome

Parents are Informed

Parents Support Learning at Home

Support for Learning

Support for Positive Behaviour

Feeling Safe at School


Parent Participation at School

Bullying and Exclusion

Time Spent Doing Homework