We have developed interactive methods to analyse your data in an efficient and insightful manner. As each school has varied characteristics, it is invaluable to identify if a segment of your school population requires attention.

Interactive Charts

Our dynamic charts allow in-depth analyses to be conducted quickly and efficiently, by looking at the results of sub-populations within your school, such as year level, gender, language spoken at home, or Aboriginal status, as well as your own unique criteria. You can also add comparison lines, data from your previous years, and create a scrapbook of charts that support your priority initiatives.

A popular feature of the Interactive Chart is the scrapbook, which provides a place to conveniently store and easily retrieve selected graphs. The scrapbook can be conveniently downloaded and is useful for report presentations.

Open-Ended and Multiple-Choice Questions

We offer clients the option to personalise a survey by adding open-ended or multiple-choice questions. Adding customised questions relevant to your school can provide valuable insight into a particular area of focus. Results from these questions can be accessed online and can be drilled down by gender, year level, keyword, and more.

Word Cloud
With the click of a button, the results to your open-ended questions can be arranged into a “word cloud”. This word cloud shows you the words most commonly used in student’s responses. The larger the word, the more often it appears in the responses.