The Learning Bar specialises in school surveys as well as the scientific analysis and interpretation of the data extracted from these surveys.

We provide many unique features with the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) evaluation system, including several comparison options. For instance, you can compare your results to the TTFM norm line, a replica school, against previous years, and more.

We have created a rich data set of norms, which are useful comparisons based on a large number of responses from schools of all sizes and locations. Knowing where your data sits in the bigger picture allows you to identify areas to celebrate successes, and areas to target for improvement.

Replica School
TTFM’s Replica School is a virtual school comprised of students with the same socio-economic characteristics as the students from your school. The Learning Bar uses proven statistical methods to accurately construct a Replica School based on our proprietary database of over 2.5 million surveyed students. By using global benchmarks, accepted by international assessment agencies such as PISA, calculations are relevant regardless of your home country.

Year-over-Year Comparison
A distinct advantage of TTFM surveys lies in the ability to monitor the survey results during the school year, and year-over-year. This allows you to effectively observe the impact of your school improvement efforts. Easy access for members to view results as required over time rather than a one-off report, assists you to achieve your school’s improvement goals.