Together we transform lives

Giving every child the opportunity to thrive

Opportunity, prosperity and sense of purpose are things all children deserve.  However, many children do not have access to the right kind of support or resources to reach their full potential.  The Learning Bar is dedicated to globally reducing vulnerability and improving equality and equity to give all children the opportunity to thrive.

Creating a better future

Our approach is to challenge the status quo of education.

Our surveys, evaluations, interventions and literacy programs

are party of a unique assessment framework that focuses on 

factors that impact all parts of the child's well-being and learning outcomes.  The evaluation framework is called Educational Prosperity

Transforming assessment and intervention

Educational Prosperity explicitly links assessment to policy and practice. It gives parents and other caregivers, health-care workers, teachers, and administrators an overarching approach to positively transform children’s lives.

The Early Years Evaluation (EYE), Confident Learners and the TELL THEM FROM ME survey are all part of the evaluation framework that can be used to assess children’s development at different stages of the life-course, from conception to adolescence.

Measure, assess, act

The solutions focus on the two most critical transitions for successful learning outcomes; the successful transition to school and the development of early literacy skills, alongside the continuous monitoring of these throughout a child’s schooling. Together these solutions provide a structured assessment, evaluation and intervention model to help all children to thrive.


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